Produced by Chorion Limited (New York)
Produced by Brown Bag Films (Dublin))
Musical Supervision by Fred Barton

Chorion Limited brought me in as Musical Supervisor of their hit TV series “Olivia,” co-produced with Brown Bag Films in Dublin, Ireland, and based on the award-winning Ian Falconer books. In addition to my trips to Dublin to mix the final tracks and work with the Ireland production team, I worked with Chorion Limited’s New York producing team while evaluating the music process and making sure everyone on both sides of the Atlantic was happy with the final scores.

Our show “Olivia” won the prestigious Parents’ Choice Award, dubbed by the Cincinnati Enquirer “the children’s television equivalent of the Academy Award.”

“Olivia” debuted on Nick Jr. in the UK in January 2009, and aired on Nick Jr. in the United States from February 2009 to October 2015; it’s currently airing on Universal Kids in the US, and on stations throughout Latin America and Canada.