Cathouse: The Musical

I arranged, conducted, and performed in HBO's Cathouse: The Musical. Producers Sheila Nevins and Patti Kaplan created this unusual musical special as the finale to their hit "docutainment" series. Cathouse: The Musical, directed and choreographed by Scott Thompson, continues to air, and is available on DVD.

Sheila Nevins (HBO Documentaries) and producer Patti Kaplan conceived CATHOUSE: THE MUSICAL as the finale for the unlikely hit series depicting life at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada. 

I coached the talent, rehearsed, arranged, sang, and led the live band for the 11 songs included in the show. Scott Thompson directed and choreographed.

CATHOUSE: THE MUSICAL was filmed in Virginia City, at the historic 1875 Opera House where Maude Adams, John Philip Sousa, and Mark Twain, and all the greatest talents of the late 1800's once played. Now a slightly different brand of talent has been added to the history of the opera house...

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch ladies, and Dennis Hof, the proprietor, put on their dancing shoes and worked very hard to learn to sing and dance their numbers. The show consists of interviews, rehearsal footage, and the final performance footage. The show contains adult language and graphic sexual footage: not suitable for children of any ages!